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Greetings friends, family, and curious funders!

After a long hiatus from recording and performing, I have recently returned to the studio to record my upcoming EP ‘Restless Sleepers’.

The EP will contain tracks such as ‘Wrote Away’, ‘Easy When You’re Gone’ and title track, ‘Restless Sleepers’.

The recording process itself is at this stage, almost complete and I am absolutely delighted with how it’s sounding, and really excited about sharing it with you. I have partly funded the costs myself thus far, but am finding it difficult to get together the remaining funds for packaging and mastering.

If you are interested in purchasing the EP once it’s finished and released, I would ask that you could help me by doing this in advance. This would help me hugely! You can do so by following this link and choosing whichever option suits you best:—restless-sleepers-ep

Thanks for reading 🙂

Leanne xx

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